Asian model protected image

Jingjing Zhao

Photographer: Aaron Cress
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: August 2013

Pictured here is Jingjing Zhao is a Chinese student studying at UNC Charlotte and majoring in math and finance with a minor in economics. She is fluent speaker of Mandarin and English and very well cultured in both American and Chinese traditions. She enjoys sharing her Chinese culture with other as you can see here as she models one of her Chinese dresses. The dress she is wearing is qípáo (chi-pow) and also known in English as Mandarin gown which is a traditional dress of Qing Dynasty and the Manchu people of China in 1600’s. The dress reemerged into popular culture in the 1920’s when the qípáo became more form fitting and revealing. The Mandarin gown is still popular today for formal and Chinese events.

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