To start we first have to define a clear objective, image usage needs, and agree on a project budget and scoop. After the parameters are set, we transition to logistics and pulling the resources needed to make the shoot happen. We work with our clients to minimize surprises and to overcome challenges. Our process is to work with in time constraints and environmental factors to evaluate what can be done and when safely. Our goal is to create stunning images on budget and on time.

Images with impact

Be visually stunning to stand out from the competition.

Setting a clear object first we want to know how you intend to use the photos or where you plan to place the images. Different usage requires slightly different considerations when shooting and are important to keep in mind when working. For example, banners for a website need to be cropped to certain dimensions and we need to make sure we leave enough room in the frame to crop to certain aspect ratios. Another example is graphic images may need only need a minor amount of the image in focus for text overlays with visual impact. By working with us in creating a vision board we can help you get the most out of your photography production.